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  The Way Out is located in Youngstown, Ohio area. The ministry provides support to those dealing with homosexuality. Ministry groups include support meetings for men and women who struggle with unwanted same sex attractions, parents of strugglers, and spouses of those who struggle.

  The Way Out is a Christian-based organization and our foremost interest is in strengthening relationships with Jesus Christ.


1. That the website will reach those who need it

We ask that you pray for The Way Out's website to have the ability to communicate the goals of this ministry and that it will reach those who are searching for help in this area.

2. That The Truth Of God's Word Will Prevail

Please pray that those with unwanted sexual attractions will not listen to the lies of the enemy.

3. That Hearts & Minds Are Opened

Please pray that God will open the hearts and minds of those who are in bondage to homosexuality.

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